In the white serenity of the dark Winter-months, i've grown up in the quiet icy world of the Ice-queen. i'm swirling around in high sky as a playing child. Feed by the energy of the siren singing flurries, my mind is filled up with youthfully unconsciousness. As my free will is developing, my mother, the ice-queen, knows that once the day dawns of loosing control over me. Every year she looses again her beloved. It's her fate. Then she is forced to draw back to her hiding place during the summer, Niflheim, situated at the North Pole of the Earth, permanently in an icy state. While she mourns melting icecaps, day by day i, Loki get more curious about earthly life. Grasping my consciousness together more and more i finally blow myself down to Earth, right in the middle of a specific Vulcan in Mispelheim.