Mispelheim at the last days of the winter. Still there is some snow on the ground, but for the first time this year the sun is shining through the clouds. From a cave, hidden in the top of a huge mountain, which looks like a Vulcan, some smoke escapes for the first time in the new season. It's from Spitfire, a huge dragon, still hibernating the last days of winter. His body does not have a solid state, instead he's wholly made out of fire. His eyes are like two heated suns, too blinding to look at. His tongue is embodied by the snake of Midgard, which circumferences the whole earth with the speed of a comet.
The earth is starting to shake more and more from the accelerating activities of the Humus (some believe thunder-god Thor is helping them).
Then spontaneously i blew a cold breeze through the cave, to discover the living energy at that place. Spitfire awaked from my cold breeze, bad-tempered by the coldness of his house, his hunger from a wintertime long waiting for food to consume, and foremost those who disturb him...
i can't understand one word of Spitfire's awakening song: